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Some more wandering thoughts

by on Jun.22, 2014, under brainstorming

I’m once again going to list some ideas I’ve had, maybe riff on them if I get some ideas, and set them free on the internet instead of hording them and not playing.  Enjoy!

1. Every adventure starts in a tavern.  Not every single one, but close enough.  Just once, I’d like a PC to be the barkeeper.

2. Remember that ST:tNG where crewmembers were being abducted and examined?  They’d just disappear for a few hours and then get deposited back on the shit.  No?  That’s okay.  I’d like to rip that idea off.

Wow, I’m ripping off a plot from Star Trek.  How original.  Okay, here’s the cool part: this isn’t the main plot of the game, at least not for a while.  This is the plot that preys on metagaming players who have seen too many tabletop games before.  Run this plot whenever a player misses the session.  If people ask where the PC is, he isn’t.  He’s just gone.  The players will probably dismiss that as lazy GMing, but it’s actually some sort of forgetfulness magic thrown off by the kidnappers.

Just run that until the players get suspicious.  Drop clues if you want them to go off on it longer.  When they finally have two people stay up on a night shift, have one of them wink out of existence.  Or have someone slide feet first into their now empty sleeping bag.  Or have some NPC accidentally show up when a PC returns.  When the players are able to deal with extraplanar shenanigans, reveal that they’ve been summoned into the plane of something-or-other and experimented on or forced to fight or something.

3. I forgot number three.

4. Play a stick up your ass paladin who doesn’t really care for anyone else, but is solely motivated by the afterlife.  Kinda the opposite of Michael from Dresden Files.  Not sure if this is a good long term idea, or just something that’ll be fun till everyone else figures out what he is.

5. Play a paladin who isn’t holy enough and is doomed to fall, even though he really means well.  It shouldn’t be a big dramatic turn where he leaves the party and takes blackguard levels, but just someone who can’t try hard enough.  This is actually the most attractive paladin option I’ve ever thought of.  They just don’t appeal to me most of the time.

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