Game Mastery

Gaming Lexicon

Just some basic terminology and acronyms that will come up from time to time.

  • d## – a die roll
    (n) d (s) means roll n, s-sided dice. So 2d6 is two six siders.
  • BBEG – Big Bad Evil Guy
    A bad guy or villain.
  • DnD or D&D – Dungeons and Dragons
    My roleplaying system of choice
  • FLGS – Friendly Local Gaming Store
  • GM – Game Master
    The person who is in charge of writing and running a roleplaying game. Also known as dungeon master (DM) or story teller (ST).
  • PC – Player Character
    A character controlled by a participant in the game. In this blog a PC will always refer to the character, not the player.
  • RP – Roleplay
    If I have to explain this one you’re reading the wrong blog.
  • WoD – World of Darkness
    White Wolf’s system/campaign setting.

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