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I know, I know. Another WordPress blog that probably won’t get updated after a month. That makes this my third.

I’m a regular poster at While knowledgeable in the ways of Dungeons and Dragons, I found my most interesting posts concerned the running of the game. I spend a lot more time thinking about the game on a meta level than other GMs and I really like writing about it. Problem is, I found myself rehashing and going over stuff all the time. Each time a post came along titled “help a newbie GM” I’d give them the same advice. Even the more interesting problems got the same solutions over and over. I always got to touch on interesting topics, but never delve into them. Also, the quality of my answers varied with how motivated I was to post.

This blog exists for two reasons. First of all, it’s a master list of my thoughts and feelings on running a roleplaying game. One of my other blogs is just a place for me to dump code and shell scripts and their explanation. I like it since I can just refer to a post I made that fully explains a topic, rather than halfassing the topic in whatever forum I happen to be visiting. I’d like to do that with my RPG related thoughts too.

The other reason is that this is a place where I can go into my thoughts on GMing in greater depth than I would in the average forum post. Writing has always been helpful for me in thought exercises as it forces my brain to slow down to a speed I can type at. I end up spending more time thinking about certain topics and can go into them in greater depth.

Anyway, despite the title of the blog and what some of my friends tell me, I don’t think I’m a master game master. I think there are a few aspects of the game I do better than anyone else I’ve played with, but the point of this blog is to help me become a better GM. All I’ve done with it so far is discuss the blog itself, and so I’m gonna cut this post short and get on with the game related stuff.

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